We are currently facing a unique challenge and many people are fighting to survive this dreadful virus.  Once we emerge from this situation, the world will be a very different place and therefore the way that we do business will also change.  As often happens when there is change – there are winners and losers.  Some businesses are thriving in the current market such as Farm Shops, while others are now closed and may never re-open.  Many other businesses have undergone significant change in order to survive ie a pub that re-opened as a Farm Shop serving the local community.

How can we make the best of the current situation?

Here are 7 ideas to consider :

  • Create and maintain a daily routine
  • Review your business and consider any changes that may be required
  • Consider diversification options to accommodate new customer demands
  • Use down time to review and update websites and marketing materials
  • Get ahead with routine tasks such as accounts, policy and procedures
  • Plan and Create effective change
  • Use time wisely and don’t procrastinate

If you need help to objectively review your business and consider creating change, do get in touch.  I offer a free initial discussion before starting work with new clients.  This ensures that we both feel we can work together effectively.

E: barbara@barbarahibbartcoaching.co.uk