I was recently given a lovely gift of a workshop to ‘play’ with glass and learn to make fused glass jewellery.  I really enjoyed taking a break from my business and having ‘a play day’!  I also loved the idea of creating something tangible.  After the second workshop several people asked if my jewellery was for sale and if I could make them something specific.  My answer was NO!  Even though I was extremely flattered, I wanted to guard my ‘play’ time and my jewels!

However, on reflection I realised that the ‘no’ needed to become ‘yes please’!  Here was an opportunity to continue having play days making jewellery with no outlay!   I have now created a Facebook shop to sell my jewellery www.facebook.com/glassbybarbara/  and I’m looking forward to the Christmas season of craft fairs.  Initially, I planned to keep my jewellery separate from my coaching.  Then I realised that as a coach, I advocate creating change in peoples lives – why not also create change in their jewellery boxes!

5 Things to think about when adding to your business :

  • Be open to new ideas
  • Take time to evaluate them
  • Think about how they would integrate with your existing business
  • Take time to decide how best to market them
  • Assess their impact on your business on a regular basis!


How ready are you to spot new opportunities and develop them as a new business?   Alternatively they may be able to integrate with  your existing business?  You would be amazed at what’s out their waiting for you!  Do let me know what you find and also what you think of my jewellery!