#resiliance #covid

Resilience is defined as the ability to bounce back after adversity.

Are you resilient enough to bounce back from the demands being placed on you by Covid?

Currently you may be :

· Working from home
· Feeling isolated rather than working in a team
· Working in a bedroom rather than in a purpose made office
· Balancing home schooling with your work
· Offering help and support to family and friends
· Looking after your own and your families well being
· Struggling with concentration, time management and productivity
· Trying to enjoy life

Here are seven suggestions to help you build resilience :

1. Be open to new ideas and ways of doing things
2. Acknowledge your fears and anxieties and rationalize them
3. Maintain a positive mindset by rejecting negatives
4. Take time to check in with family members, friends and work colleagues
5. End every day by identifying 3 positives from the day
6. Make time for regular exercise and fresh air
7. Take time to help others – neighbours, volunteering etc to develop a sense of purpose

If you need help to review or build your resilience and your confidence, lets have a chat.

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