Here is a quick way to review your business – it can be completed in the time it takes to enjoy a large glass of wine!  Hopefully it will provide an overview of  how your business is performing and will also help you to identify areas to work on in the coming year!

Grab a glass of wine or a coffee then :

  1. Identify your 3 greatest achievements during last year
  2. Take each achievement in turn and write down one action that could improve the achievement even further. Commit to when you will review or implement this idea.
  3. Identify 3 things that you meant to do but didn’t get round to.
  4. Take each item in turn and think about it – what would have been the impact if you had achieved it. Did you do the right thing?
  5. Set yourself 3 goals for the current year and make sure that they are written in a SMART format.

If you need any help with this exercise, please contact me.