When I was a child the traditional Advent calendar was a cardboard picture with windows that revealed pictures of a toy.  One year there was a big break through when the pictures were replaced with pieces of shaped chocolate.  However for years after that the advert calendar format stayed the same.  Two years ago I noticed some  slightly more expensive Lindt calendars which came in a bigger box, included chocolate bunnies and a larger bunny for Christmas Day.  Then last year the market exploded with a wide range of exciting new advent calendars which were aimed at the adult marketThere were calendars with a different pack of chillies each day, a different bottle of artisan beer, make up, wine and even boxes with expensive bottles of vintage wine, champagne, artisan gin or rare malt whiskeys.  The established market for children’s calendars continued and yet a whole new and lucrative market had emerged!

What state is  your range of products and services in?   Are they static and stale or have they been regularly refreshed and developed to meet customer needs?  This is a great time of year to take a fresh look at your product range and ask yourself a few important questions :

  • Do I have a clearly defined range of products and services?
  • Have I marketed them effectively – so that my customers make the right decisions?
  • Which are my most popular products and services?
  • What have I done to develop what I offer?
  • Are my products and services meeting customer needs?
  • What can I do to add value to the existing range?
  • What new products and services can I introduce?

If you need help to review your products and services, please contact me for a FREE initial discussion.  Sometimes an independent view of your business can be invaluable!

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