Are you used to a brisk walk to work?

Did you value quiet time on a train before arriving at work?

Did you unwind on your way home by reading a book or listening to music?

So many people are now working from home – often not by choice but by necessity due to Covid? This can mean that the difference between home life and working life is blurred.  It can also mean that it is difficult to concentrate on work in the home environment and to switch off from work.

One solution is to create a ‘fake’ commute!

Before the start of their working day people may :

  • Dress in work clothes and leave the house for a short walk
  • Practise yoga
  • Go for a run
  • Go for a drive – perhaps to buy a newspaper
  • Leave the house from one door and enter it by another ‘work’ door

You may also consider an end of day routine.   This could be a repeat of the start of day routine or be something completely different.

These simple actions help to create a differentiation between work and home life. This can increase your work focus and enhance your work life balance, thus reducing stress. It can also remove any guilt from enjoying non-work time.

Do you already fake your commute?  If so – is it working for you or do you need to adjust it?

If you don’t – how could you create a fake commute and improve your work / life balance?

If you need help to create an effective ‘fake’ commute, then lets have a chat!

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