#Covid #changemindset #confidence

The onset of Covid has created change in the world. How has this affected you?
Have you created change in order to survive?
Have you procrastinated waiting for ‘normal’ to return?

For many, working from home has created some extra time. Have you used it wisely – to think and plan or did you panic about what needed to be done – quickly!

· Time to get accounts up to date to avoid a last minute rush?
· A need to move the business on line – quickly?
· Have you carried on as normal or even decided to close down?

Many people who have been able to assess and quickly change their business model have benefited from the situation. Covid has accelerated the rate of change including website updates to enable businesses to move on-line, introduction of a delivery service, a move away from office based working and the use of new technology such as zoom. New businesses that meet new customer demands have flourished eg home delivery cream teas and pubs offering office space while closed. However, many people who have been unable to create change have seen their businesses fail.

Have you had the confidence to create change in your business due to Covid and are you a winner or a looser?

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