It‘s a dull and damp grey day.  Though its typical for this time of year, due to lockdown, it has a greater effect on our wellbeing.

Have you found that :

  • you are currently more susceptible to negativity?
  • that small things affect you more than usual?
  • that your concentration flags quickly?

These are all signs of stress and the uncertainty of the current lockdown?

There are a number of small things you can do to make life more enjoyable :

  • take control of your things to do list and identify just 3 things you can realistically achieve today.
  • create a personal reward sheet – time to read a book, a bar of chocolate, phone a friend.
  • allocate personal rewards after achieving something important ie 3 tasks set for the day
  • research and take up a new hobby
  • take a break and phone a friend for a chat
  • allocate time for daily exercise – preferably in fresh air
  • plan tomorrows tasks before the end of today
  • at the end of each day identify 3 positive outcomes (even if it that you survived!)

Just a few of these ideas can turn an OK day into a positive and productive day!

If you need some help to identify or create positives in your life, give me a call!

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