When you feel anxious, what do you do to control your anxiety?

There are 3 parts to anxiety – your thoughts, your feelings and your behaviours!

It is difficult to control anxious thoughts – such as ‘I won’t be able to get on a train’. By trying to control these thoughts, you may increase anxiety.

Feelings of anxiety may include a tightening in the chest or increased heart rate. Telling yourself to stop feeling anxious may increase anxiety.

Anxious behaviours are the element of anxiety that we can control. If we get anxious about the idea of going to the pub after lockdown we can choose to face our fears and go. By taking a supportive friend with us, practicing breathing exercises and rationalising the fear it is possible to control your anxious behaviour.

Over a period of time, by controlling your anxiety, you will be able to turn negative thoughts into more positive ones. By using affirmations and visualisation you will also be able to change negative feelings into positive ones.

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