Are you kind to yourself? Do you praise yourself when things work- perhaps when you try something new and its a success? Do you accept that we all make mistakes or misinterpret what someone else is saying?

Alternatively are you your worst task master? Do you berate yourself for making mistakes, get cross when things go wrong and mentally beat yourself up if you don’t achieve what you set out to achieve?

I used to find it so easy to focus on what I hadn’t done and what went wrong. This action can sap the willingness to try something new and can so easily lead to depression.

By developing a positive mindset suddenly the world is a different place. Its OK to make mistakes providing I learn from them. Its Ok to have a bad day providing I can recognize why its happened and try to prevent it happening again.

Several well known Coaches including Marissa Peer say that having a regular inner dialogue with yourself is a sign of success. I would love to know if you have already developed an inner dialogue with yourself and if it helps you to succeed?

Have you developed an inner dialogue with yourself ?

  • Yes I have
  • I’m working on it.
  • I don’t believe in it.

I would love to know what your response to this questionnaire would be.

If you re struggling to find a useful inner dialogue give me a call :