Success is defined as ‘the accomplishment of an aim or purpose’. However the word success is very subjective and means different things to different people.

Is it to do with image – smart houses and fancy cars – the trapping of success?
Is it to do with being able to spend quality time with family and friends?
Is it to do with making a difference?

For me, success is being able to help others live a more successful life! That’s why I became a coach.

In a recent presentation Marissa Peer identified that successful people have a dialogue with their own mind. She also identified 5 things that she had noticed successful people do :

1.     Do what they don’t want to do first. Don’t procrastinate – just get on and do it.
2.     Take at least one action in the direction of their goal every day of the week – including weekends.
3.     Be prepared to ‘bounce back’ from rejection. Remember JK Rowling and the many times her first Harry Potter book was rejected.
4.     Make self praise familiar.  Praise yourself on a regular basis for your achievements – a new client, handling a difficult situation well or having a productive day.
5.     Delay gratification. If you want a bar of chocolate – use it as a reward a have it after achieving a task. If you eat it first you many never do what you said you would do.

Marissa states that if you do these 5 things you are highly likely to be successful.

Do you consider yourself to be successful?
I would love to know what makes you feel successful.
If you need help to define your success, lets have a chat.