I wish I had bought shares in Zoom a year ago! Networking has had a huge shift in the last year. Where will networking be as we come out of lockdown?

During the past year I have got to grips with Zoom
and breakout rooms. There are obvious advantages :
· Time saving
· Cost saving – time and expense of travel
· Saving in venue costs for organisers
· No distance issues

. Growth in free or low cost networking
· Randomised breakout rooms

However there are also some disadvantages :
· Lack of actual contact with people
· Options to chat to specific people
· Before & after meeting informal chats
· Opportunity for 1-2-1 meetings before leaving the venue
· Business card & leaflet exchange
· Opportunity to exhibit products

Some people have been talking about combining on-line
and face and face networking. This could be difficult to achieve and may require specialist equipment and a knowledge of technology.
Others have talked about alternating face to face and on-line which could be confusing?
There has also been a lot of talk about Zoom fatigue.
Has on-line networking simply taken the place of
‘coffee machine’ chats?

I would love to know your view on where networking will be
when we emerge from lockdown?