When you have a pivital moment in your life and you realise you have reached a crossroads, do you …

Just ‘go with the flow’?
Do you stop and take time to consider which direction to go?
Do you consider that you may need help to ensure you take the right path?

I recently had a pivitol moment. I loved coaching people and had some amazing results when working with clients. However I had been unable to create a meaningful coaching business. I knew I needed to do something different and responded to a random pop up advert on Facebook which lead to a call with the amazing Tina Brigley. I knew I could politely say no to what Tina was offering or be brave, acknowledge my belief in my abilities and invest in me.

Today I come to the end of an amazing programme by High Performance Coach which has strengthened my belief in me, shown me how to build my business and given me the confidence to succeed in it. Along the way I have also made some amazing new friends!

What pivitol moments have you had and did you have the confidence to follow through?

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