Have you thought about promoting your business by talking on the radio?

I have had a regular slot on local radio for several years. At first I was anxious – what would I say, would I freeze up, was anyone even listening? The presenters I have worked with have always been supportive, friendly and have worked hard to ensure I felt comfortable. They want to make sure the interview is interesting to listen to. Did you know that each radio station is required to provide a percentage of discussion time on air – therefore they need people to interview.

What are the benefits of talking on local radio?

· free promotion
· exposure to a large audience
· a great opportunity to practice public speaking
· a great way to boost your confidence

Tips for talking on the radio

· research local radio stations and ask to do a trial session
· after the initial trial, ask to have a regular monthly slot
· identify a topic to discuss each session and advise the presenter so they can be prepared
· talk about your business in relation to the topic
· avoid doing a sales pitch (you won’t be asked back!!)

Do you fancy having a go? Find out where your local Radio is and give them a call!

If you would like to learn more about talking on the radio, lets have a chat.